Grind Studio, upstair at Shoreditch Grind, is a uniquely designed writing, recording & mixing room in the heart of Shoreditch. An amazing sounding room equipped with the latest cutting edge technology in a relaxing contemporary atmosphere directly above one of East London’s coolest spots, an Espresso bar by day and a licensed bar by night. A perfect, vibrant and inspiring space to write that next number one, do some programming wizardry, mix-down, record instruments or cut a great sounding vocal.

The acoustics are designed by the UK’s leading engineers using Quested, K&H, Yamaha NS10′s & Genelec for monitoring making the room ideal for mixing. Shoreditch Grind Studio has a revolutionary Thunderbolt based set-up using a turbo charged Mac at it’s core with Pro Tools HD, Logic and Ableton. This system allows complete flexibility such as switching between third party laptops. Clients can work off their systems with the benefit of using our top back-end, making our studio the perfect choice for today’s on-the-go musician.

If you need some classy instruments to grace your track, Shoreditch Grind Studio has a large choice of top guitars, keyboards and much more to help you out.

Shoreditch Grind also has a fantastic array of Studio engineers and runners available to make your session perfect. We are situated in London’s fashionable East Central area there are lots of things to do when taking a break, plenty of shops and art galleries to keep you entertained, and last but not least great coffee, food & drink downstairs in the Shoreditch Grind. If you need a place to stay, we also have preferential rates with the nearby Shoreditch House (of the Soho House group).

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Control room 5m x 4m x 2.4m high
Vox Booth 1.2m x 1.8m x2.4m high


Pro Tools HD native rig running Pro Tools 10, Logic 9 and Apleton Live on an Imac 27’’ 3.4 GH 16GRAM, 256GB SSD.

Apogee Symphony 8 I/O

SPL Controller MTC 2381


Quested VH3208 with Quested VS1112 Sub
Klein & Hummel (K&H) 0300 D
Yamaha NS10
Genelec 8050
Quad 405


Chandler LTD1 (Neve 1073)
UREI 1176


Neumann U87
SE Z5600 tube
Shure sm57
Shure sm58
*We are able to deliver any type of microphone on request.


Novation SL MK3
Juno 106
Fender Rhodes MK1 73


US Fender Jazz bass, US Fender Precision bass, US Fender Telecaster, US Fender Stratocaster, Simon and Patrick acoustic guitar.


Marchal JCM 800 with cabinet