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Shoreditch Grind



A Story So Far

Shoreditch Grind is an day-to-night espresso bar and cocktail bar, with a recording studio upstairs. 

Shoreditch Grind was the first of the Grind, opening in 2011 when Londoner David enlisted his friend Kaz, a DJ from Melbourne with a passion for coffee, to help turn his father's mobile phone shop - a peculiar circular building perched on the edge of Old Street Roundabout, into an espresso bar. 

Kaz had badly missed the taste of the Melbourne cafés he'd grown up with, and was determined to re-create the taste of home. Unsatisfied with anything available in London at the time, he worked for months with a boutique roastery to develop a custom blend, and eventually, the Grind House Blend was born.  

We like to think that Shoreditch Grind has become something of an east London icon. Let us know what you think. 

See you at the Grind.




020 7490 7490


213 Old Street 
London, EC1V 9NR            

Exit 8 from Old St. Tube. 


M-Th 7am–11pm
Fr 7am–1am,
Sa 8am–1am,
Su 9am–7pm

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Evening Menu

From open to close, every day at Shoreditch Grind, our chefs prepare an all-day offering of light, seasonal food. Each Grind offers bespoke menus, changing throughout the day.

In the evening, a broader menu of traditional aperitivo and meticulously selected cold meats, alongside some more modern dishes of our own, provides a light accompaniment to an after-work espresso - and an escape from the bustle of central London nightlife.

The Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini was reportedly invented in Soho in the 90s when a supermodel asked for something that would “wake me up then f*** me up”. The combination of caffeine, vodka and sugar tends to do that quite nicely but like many simple drinks, it suffers when it’s done on an industrial scale.

To make an incredible Espresso Martini, you need to start with incredible Espresso. Luckily, we already had that, so to make ours we just add Reyka Vodka and a dash of sugar syrup. When you start with excellent espresso, you don't need to mess around it with. The Evening Standard now regularly namechecks our Espresso Martini one of the best in London.